Inspired by the Provence region of France, Rue Dumaine has adopted the classic style of French fare and added an American touch utilizing seasonal and local ingredients.  We create our daily charcutière plate in-house, resulting in tasty terrines, rillettes, and pâtés.  Enjoy a bowl of saffron laden mussels or our ever popular sea scallop appetizer.  Or comfort yourself with a serving of our house made soups or a classic trout Amandine. Better yet order up an American Artisan cheese plate and relax into your evening. Please check out the menu page for details.

April 30th 2016 Specials

Soup of the Day
Asparagus** soup **local
Lamb terrine (lamb, pork fat, prunes, pepitas, brandy, shallots, rhubarb** syrup, Dijon), Dijon, cornichons, prune & grape compote, Farmhouse croutons **local
Dumaine Salad Garnishes
Cashews & Persian cucumbers
Fish of the Day
Scottish salmon, Amarosa potato coins, haricot vert, relish of golden beets, capers & leeks, Vermouth-fennel beurre
Small Plate Special
Hill Family farm chicken livers**, watercress**, walnuts, Pinot Noir gastrique **local
Bistro Special
Grilled Maine lobster tail, arugula**, sugar snap peas, Morel & Maitake mushrooms, shallot-Dijon vinaigrette **local
Dessert Special
Vanilla Pavlova, orange curd, Brickelcreek** rhubarb** compote, YUM!!

Updates from Anne

Keep up-to-date with Chef Anne on current menu offerings and the latest from local growers and other vendors.